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I suspect that the .com vs. .co.uk/.com.au, etc. is part of the country/region settings in your browser as far as IE is concerned.

In Opera and maybe Firefox (I can't recall), the server-name completion is optional and is configureable so you can tell it what extensions to try. I just tried it, and Ctrl-enter works, but after a delay, I think, because it first looked for a local machine called kisrael (as I left that option on) and then started guessing .com.
--LAN3 Sun Sep 26 12:57:57 2004
On occasion when I type just 'www.hotmail.com' at work, it takes me to http://www.www.hotmail.com.org/. LAME.
--Nick B Sun Sep 26 13:18:13 2004
It defaults to .com in the UK even with the regional settings on. It won't even change Favorites to Favourites.
--a limey Mon Sep 27 03:57:17 2004
So is it colors or colours?

.co.uk is a pretty important domain, so that's annoying, though I remember noticing in some European countries ".com" is still pretty coveted, probably often they want to be continental, not just their own home nation.
--Kirk Mon Sep 27 07:22:20 2004

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