touch my vitals quickly, lest i die!
That quote comes just around the time my apartment complex is replacing all its plumbing. We've had plumbing problems ever since I moved in, and finally they decided to give the whole thing an overhaul so we don't have any more unexpected outages.
--Nick B Tue Sep 28 13:04:39 2004
"Ay, that's the rub"



You, go take a 15 posting timeout in the pretentiousness corner until you learn how to use, not abuse, Shakespeare.  No excuses, young man, go now.

----EB Tue Sep 28 13:13:06 2004
Thanks EB, glad to see you're keeping yourself busy.
--Kirk Tue Sep 28 13:48:09 2004
This is the pfercet post for me to find at this time
--Greta Mon Jun 4 07:40:19 2012

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