what is space and time and physics?
I once had dinner with Russian Orthadox Jews. They had a seven course dinner with toasts of vodka between each course. The woman changed the plates with each course and was upset when I asked if I could help her. ha It was a very interesting evening and the people were very warm and wonderful. They had taken all the money they had and bought diamonds and then sewed them into their clothing and escaped Russia to come here. They opened a Russian bakery that had the greatest butter cookies and pastries ever.
--B.K. Sun Oct 3 19:54:28 2004
Careful with Russians. If she's 1st generation American - you're being admired for your possessions and income, while you're being told that you're smart and handsome and sweet. However, being told you're smart and handsome and sweet might be worth waking up one morning to a completely empty house, maxed credit cards, and finding a guy named Vladimir is standing over your naked body on the floor laughing at you saying something in Russian that means "So, did you really think you would be with my wife forever? She sold all the gifts you gave her to pay for an American lawyer to get me out of Gulag in Siberia and come here to be with her again." Right after that, you'll see some brilliant white light and can spend the rest of eternity thinking about what a wonderful time you had with your dear Russian woman. Good Luck
--Screw'd by a Russian Mobster's wife Tue Oct 5 08:50:14 2004
Are American Lawyers good at getting people out of Siberian Gulags?

Anyway, I'm sure she's not blind to income etc but I don't think it's much beyond having a good time here and now. And I think I'm getting to know her well enough, besides having her cousin as a coworker, to not be so worried about the mob scenarios.
--Kirk Tue Oct 5 09:35:37 2004
Let's just say that in Russia, as in most nations, money can buy innocence - and even release from convictions and punitive measures. It just helps to have a lawyer create all the paperwork for the transfer of the money.
--Still screw'd Wed Oct 6 12:15:11 2004

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