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What's the deal with colleges forbidding their students to cook?
--Nick B Mon Oct 4 12:39:59 2004
I think it's the whole fire issue thing, why we're not supposed to cook. But everybody breaks the rules anyway, even the RA's, so I guess it really doesn't matter! Unless of course, you cause the fire alarm to go off at 3 am during a blizzard, then there's all the fines and the fact the rest of us students will have your head on a platter.
--Candi Mon Oct 4 15:04:14 2004
Yeah, at a lot of places appliances are discouraged as well, I think the idea being some of the buildings are old and don't have the wiring to safely power a fridge or microwave or what not, and it's not fair to discriminate. Or maybe because everyone because the electric bills aren't prorated? I dunno.
--Kirk Mon Oct 4 16:01:10 2004
I like the painted eyes story. I have an antique milk painting of a woman that I call my guardian angel, (her name is Martha) anyway, Martha has has these eyes that angelicaly follow you everywhere. ha Now at least I know why. Nice article
--B.K. Mon Oct 4 18:17:42 2004
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--Olga Thu Apr 11 18:37:11 2013
Hi, I'm coming to MV for 10 days this sumemr from 1-11 July, staying in West Tisbury. I do kickboxing in London at Paragon gym, where I've been training for 15 months. Do you do kickboxing group classes at my level, or private training sessions? (I can't find an email address on your website, and can't post directly onto your facebook wall, so am posting my question here instead.) Best wishes, Gabrielle Walker
--Oxana Sun Apr 14 09:48:41 2013

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