it is a useful garment
What's the deal with colleges forbidding their students to cook?
--Nick B Mon Oct 4 12:39:59 2004
I think it's the whole fire issue thing, why we're not supposed to cook. But everybody breaks the rules anyway, even the RA's, so I guess it really doesn't matter! Unless of course, you cause the fire alarm to go off at 3 am during a blizzard, then there's all the fines and the fact the rest of us students will have your head on a platter.
--Candi Mon Oct 4 15:04:14 2004
Yeah, at a lot of places appliances are discouraged as well, I think the idea being some of the buildings are old and don't have the wiring to safely power a fridge or microwave or what not, and it's not fair to discriminate. Or maybe because everyone because the electric bills aren't prorated? I dunno.
--Kirk Mon Oct 4 16:01:10 2004
I like the painted eyes story. I have an antique milk painting of a woman that I call my guardian angel, (her name is Martha) anyway, Martha has has these eyes that angelicaly follow you everywhere. ha Now at least I know why. Nice article
--B.K. Mon Oct 4 18:17:42 2004

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