oh you gotta have art
Oops, your link to "planes" has an errant quotation mark.
--Harry Thu Oct 7 13:14:35 2004
damn it I have to stop and double check things and not be in such a hurry...
--Kirk Thu Oct 7 13:34:03 2004
Does the Smart car come with handles for the pallbearers?
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Oct 7 18:03:17 2004
Didn't you read the article? With its stell cell it's really not that bad... "watching a Smart-sponsored crash test with a Mercedes E-Class: The big sedan crumpled, and the Fortwo ricocheted. In a separate test, by the European New Car Assessment Program, a 40-mph impact with a concrete wall failed to dent the safety cell. They awarded the Smart a three-star crash rating - nothing like a Volvo but better than a Ford Escort, which weighs nearly half a ton more than the Fortwo."
--Kirk Thu Oct 7 18:07:49 2004
saw one last weekend parked on a chicago street. btw- thanks much for the European Dream article.
--bil Fri Oct 8 00:56:15 2004

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