shaken, stirred, blended
I like the blender thing. I think it would make a good advertisement.
--Max Fri Oct 8 07:48:30 2004
Oh Kirk! That blender slogan is great!
--Candi Fri Oct 8 08:56:59 2004
you are the cutest when you are being creative!! i love the blender statement. just wish i had thought of it first!
--aparajita Fri Oct 8 10:10:20 2004
Heh. It's probably a better bet than my previous idea for a banner ad,
--Kirk Fri Oct 8 10:14:46 2004
Uh, yeah. But that doesn't set the bar very high. :)
--Max Fri Oct 8 11:03:58 2004
:-P I liked it
--Kirk Fri Oct 8 12:44:54 2004
How many people ask "is it anything like frog blender?"
--Nick B Fri Oct 8 16:23:18 2004
Kirk, you can't please everyone so you've got to please yourself.
--xoxoxo Bruce Fri Oct 8 17:14:25 2004

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