For money, you can turn it into working hours. So the questions becomes - how many hours do I have to work to pay for this? I also typically assign different value to things which are reusable (like DVDs) versus something which is temporary (i.e. going out for dinner, or a trip). For some items you also need to include "care & feeding" costs (like car insurance, gas & maintenance).

--ericball Sun Oct 10 15:31:17 2004
Buy it.
Life is short.
Trust me.
--YELAS Sun Oct 10 16:38:10 2004
The best investment I ever made was a $3500 57" digital TV . . . four years ago. The movies, shows, sporting events, and now X-box games I have played on this TV made this well worth while. With the amount of time I spend in front of a TV and the relative longitivity, it's a good investment. I would stay away from the LCD projectors though. Bulbs are very costly and you can get a better picture out of a big screen.
--Cole Mon Oct 11 16:39:49 2004

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