For money, you can turn it into working hours. So the questions becomes - how many hours do I have to work to pay for this? I also typically assign different value to things which are reusable (like DVDs) versus something which is temporary (i.e. going out for dinner, or a trip). For some items you also need to include "care & feeding" costs (like car insurance, gas & maintenance).

--ericball Sun Oct 10 15:31:17 2004
Buy it.
Life is short.
Trust me.
--YELAS Sun Oct 10 16:38:10 2004
The best investment I ever made was a $3500 57" digital TV . . . four years ago. The movies, shows, sporting events, and now X-box games I have played on this TV made this well worth while. With the amount of time I spend in front of a TV and the relative longitivity, it's a good investment. I would stay away from the LCD projectors though. Bulbs are very costly and you can get a better picture out of a big screen.
--Cole Mon Oct 11 16:39:49 2004
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--nzvegrs gpknuqij Sun Jan 18 04:17:48 2009
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--cheap oem software Sun Feb 12 02:31:37 2012
Bought this for my sister for her bihradty. It is incredibly useful as the kindle can be left charging on this dock and it also connects directly to the PC eliminating all those nasty wires hanging around. Lovely. Think I'll have one myself!!
--Farruxbek Sun Apr 14 09:28:55 2013
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--link building Sat Oct 26 10:29:40 2013

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