libe the way i tyupe
IS this the first "alien bill" ... ???
--Beau Fri Oct 15 08:04:49 2004
Heheh. Yeah, the pose is similar...

Actually there's a website dedicated to the same pose as alienbill...
--Kirk Fri Oct 15 08:53:38 2004
IMDB for the movie "Real Genius":

When [Lazlo] Hollyfeld sends in a large number of entries to the Frito Lay contest, he was mirroring the actions of Caltech students Steve Klein, Dave Navriloff and Barry Megdal in 1974 whom used a similar strategy to win a McDonalds sweepstakes. Their entries came to roughly 1/5th of the total entries and won them a station wagon, $3,000 dollars and $1500 in food gift certificates.

--ericball Fri Oct 15 11:55:15 2004
Real Genius. I love that movie. Total geek flick.
--Max Fri Oct 15 12:44:25 2004
Boingboing linked to a place to get shirts from that movie today:
--Kirk Fri Oct 15 12:47:22 2004

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