why god why
It's kinda funny. . .we never get a great picture with which we can see Ksenia's face. . ..
--Mr. Lex Mon Oct 18 06:54:51 2004
You can't see her face in the last one? Or it's not a great picture?
--Kirk Mon Oct 18 07:54:06 2004
It's kinda dark, but you can make out the basic features (very pretty, by the way).
--Max Mon Oct 18 09:08:16 2004
Yah, I knew it was a little dark...but I'm not avoiding anything, I just like artisier shots, not snapshot/headshot things.
--Kirk Mon Oct 18 10:10:19 2004
It's mostly the blurriness and darkness I complained about.
--Mr. Lex Tue Oct 19 06:08:45 2004
in blurriness and darkness lies art! Or at least artistic pretension.
--Kirk Tue Oct 19 08:02:05 2004

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