go you red sox
Brother Butch - Boston's win ... you must be stoked!! Being a true Cleveland fan I am just happy the Yanks lost (I hate the Yanks more than the Sox).
--Beau Thu Oct 21 07:18:33 2004
Yeah, it's great.

And while my allegience has switched to what are now my hometown teams, I still have a soft spot for the Indians and the Browns...and when the Tribe lost the World Series to that punk-ass, best-team-money-could-buy-that-year Marlins, I was pretty upset.
--Kirk Thu Oct 21 07:22:21 2004
Except, of course, that the KC Royals did the same thing in 1985 against the St. Louis Cardinals.
--Rocco Thu Oct 21 09:17:46 2004
Okay--should have done my homework. Here's the quote from the MLB site: "The Royals became the first team in World Series history to lose the first two games at home and go on to win the World Series."

So...19 years ago, they were the greatest comeback kids in history (and it was the Series!), but today--props to the Sox!
--Rocco Thu Oct 21 09:38:23 2004
Yeah, I'm not much a sports trivia guru, but that little factoid has been hammered home so much lately...still, sounds like the Royals had a nifty little achievement, giving up homefield advantage like that.
--Kirk Thu Oct 21 13:09:25 2004
Can Boston pull the trifecta this year?

- Superbowl Champ
- World Series Champ
- US President

Oddly enough, I see beating the Yankees as much more important than the Pats Lombardi trophies, and would rather see the Sox win the series than Kerry get elected.
--Cole Thu Oct 21 14:33:03 2004
The idea of Houston winning the NLCS and creating a Massachusetts-Texas world series a week before the Massachusetts-Texas presidential election is particularly intriguing. I'd love to see the Sox win, but I'd trade it for a Kerry victory. Then again, who says we can't have both?
--Max Thu Oct 21 19:42:54 2004
- Superbowl Champ
- World Series Champ
- US President

This last contest is confused by the fact that Boston's candidate is an undeniable Yankee, not least in comparison to his opponent. Sorry Boston.

--LAN3 Thu Oct 21 23:49:46 2004
Yeah well, so is Texas' canidate...a least to a much greater extent than he'll admit, that little Yale-boy. 

Of course, if the Red Sox win the series, the earth might be ending anyway, so maybe it's moot. (The earth-ending assumption seems to be at the root of foreign policy anyway, come to think of it.)
--Kirk Fri Oct 22 07:27:27 2004
Puh-leeze, look at Dan Rather-- he's been in New York for over 500 years, and he still has Texas mud in his mouth. Well, lately it's on his face, but that's another joke entirely. You can take the man out of Texas...

As for the Earth ending, well, are you making so much fun of Bush over his Mars colonization plan *now*?
--LAN3 Fri Oct 22 16:15:49 2004
Well, if memory serve it's this whole Bush family "we're good ol texans who are really rich swamp yankees" shtick going.
--Kirk Sat Oct 23 08:31:45 2004

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