Well, it's less cruel than some other things people have suggested doing to cats. It kinda reminds me of how my cat reacted when I first took him outside with a leash and a harness. He managed to get a little tangled in the the leash, which then freaked him completely out. Ever see a cat jump three feet straight up?

Re-watching the video, the problem is the cat is trying to re-orient itself to land feet first, but ends up spinning and floating. It actually does a pretty good job in spite of bouncing off the wall.
--ericball Mon Oct 25 08:57:37 2004
Oooh... nice Muppet Show reference. :)
--Max Mon Oct 25 09:04:00 2004
I, personally, disappointed in the recent turn in the mass societal cultural consciousness toward violence rather than the more progressive help other people out, be sensitive to the people who aren't like you, and a generally more non-violent society. Your stuff about yoga and competitiveness bring this thinking to mind. Maybe it's just from my perspective as a youth/teenager to an adult has changed my view of this consciousness. Nonetheless, there's every possibility that the violent side of the ration has increased since 2000. . .? Just som ramble.
--Mr. Lex Tue Oct 26 06:20:02 2004

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