--Max Wed Oct 27 23:31:01 2004
Does that mean we don't have to get harangued by fans for a long long while?
--Mr. Lex Thu Oct 28 06:55:57 2004
Harngued by fans?
--Kirk Thu Oct 28 07:33:13 2004
We should never again have to hear Yankees fans chanting "1918." That alone made the whole thing worthwhile. :)
--Max Thu Oct 28 09:08:59 2004
Oh, harangued by YANKEES fans...I see. 

We can only hope. I suppose if they wanted to nitpick they'd say something like "wildcard!" but we can always yell back "choke choke choke!" 
--Kirk Thu Oct 28 09:27:05 2004
My Dad was born 2 months after the last time. Rooted for the Red Sox his whole life. I wish he'd lived to see this time.
--xoxoxo Bruce Thu Oct 28 15:45:50 2004
Ah man, that's harsh. Frickin' curse.

I feel the same about my grandfather "Papa Sam". One silver lining to the curse: it's made area people think about their recent ancestors...
--Kirk Thu Oct 28 16:14:54 2004
well, here's looking forward to the next 86 years.
----Evil Bastard Thu Oct 28 16:36:22 2004
I doubt it will be 86 years.

And if it is...I doubt we'll be living to see it...
--Kirk Thu Oct 28 17:49:15 2004
Off Topic


"I hope you will be the King one day"
--/\/ick Thu Oct 28 18:29:35 2004

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