great garglin' gargoyles!
Possibly as a response to OMM's Crate-based review, someone created "Boxwar," the Half-Life Mod, where you play a crate who's looking to kill other crates in a field full of crates.

Yeah, you *wish* I was kidding.

Half-Life's a little tricky for that review system, because there's an 8-minute trainride at the start where you see crates through the windows, but when you actually get moving, you go a good 8-10 minutes without any crates or barrels (or weapons!). In fact, the narrative build-up in the first 20 minutes made the whole game so much more incredible than anything at the time, and there still hasn't been a great successor that I know of. (Half-Life 2 is due in less than 2 weeks!!!11!)
--LAN3 Sat Nov 6 15:14:51 2004
That trainride was the boringest unskippable piece of narrative I've ever had to sit through...the trainride part at least.
--Kirk Sat Nov 6 15:16:55 2004
Oh, I totally disagree, but then I've got nostalgia up to here for Half-Life.

I've sat through worse cut-scenes, I think. And since HL had such a liberal savegame arrangement, you only had to tolerate it once. On the third time through that game, I found the train-ride more interesting than most of the first level-- having to listen to the 4 scientists mutter once again about the unlikelihood of the resonance cascade scenario when I really just wanted them to let me through the door so I could cause one.
--LAN3 Sat Nov 6 16:25:43 2004
I got stuck playing HL, in this big room with skinny conveyer belts going in 4 directions, I think one had a pass through a furnace or something. Nowhere seemed to lead to anywhere and I was stuck.
--Kirk Sun Nov 7 08:49:30 2004

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