we got the beat
And they never match the damn wipers......ever.
--xoxoxo Bruce Sun Nov 7 15:11:08 2004
omg kirk... i have never ever told anyone this cause i thought it too weird! thanks to you, i'm coming out of the closet! i also notice 'beats' and have often pondered the beat of the blinker. i've tried every conceivable (to me) way of making it match. once drove a car (i drive alot of rentals for work) that finally matched the beat and rhythm necessary for cpr and felt like i had achieved this major goal or something... yeah, i felt like a nerd for a few, too!
--aparajita Sun Nov 7 22:22:35 2004
kisrael.com...telling the things that others won't...because it's too weird.
--Kirk Mon Nov 8 09:51:37 2004

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