Kirk, you're so dorky! I love it.
--Candi Mon Nov 8 10:08:08 2004
Being from Arizona, I don't have a thick layer of fur. I put on a heavy jacket when it gets down to 60 degrees.
--Nick B Mon Nov 8 12:52:46 2004
My heart gave a little leap at the Marios show when those tochnicoler chubbies came out. And I love all these choices. In an ideal world, I would be able to afford and ethically wear these puppies, but I guess faux fur it will have to be for me this winter :)P.S. Not sure I'm buying the fur clutch. I always feel like fur on purses is a bad idea.
--Mayte Wed Mar 14 06:32:50 2012
Love the purse collection  3 year olds are so dang cute soietmmes Oh, and Julie .sweetie, I know how hard it can be to get caught up on all that laundry, so I vote that you skip folding it & just go straight to doing a new blog post. The laundry can wait, but we can't!
--Toton Mon Sep 16 13:23:37 2013

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