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I don't know how to refer literarily to something you said in your entry. The comment about your laptop going slow and something about January on Pluto. I assume you wanted to refer to cold and freezing and so forth. Thing is, saying January may not exactly fly, seeing as how January in the Southern Hempisphere is actually the summer. . .so if someone from the Souther Hemisphere read the entry, they may not necessarily get the reference. Just a friendly critique. =D
--Mr. Lex Fri Nov 12 10:27:16 2004
Fair enough. But the saying I was playing off of is "slow as molasses in january"...so I'm sure there is even a bunch of people in the northern hemisphere who don't get in anway.

This comes up a lot on the monthly shtick I write on the loveblender...usually I can't come up with anything less banal than talking about the weather (well, season at least), and I know there are at least a few regulars from New Zealand and Australia...
--Kirk Fri Nov 12 10:41:21 2004
Pluto's climate is dependent more on its orbit than axial tilt, so its coldest month, let's call it January, finds it at its aphelion (7,375,000,000KM-- over 65% farther from the sun here than at its closest point), so distant from the warmth of the sun that the atmosphere has frozen solid and snowed down on the surface long before this point. When all the gasses are solid, you can be sure that all the liquids are definitely not moving, and most likely sublimating off into space.

Curiously, the Earth currently makes its perihelion in January and its aphelion in July, suggesting that the southern hemisphere has a slightly warmer summer and colder winter than us northerners, but Earth's orbit is nearly circular and the planet's well insulated, so the difference is minimal. If we take the same months to correspond to Pluto's orbit, January gives Pluto a gaseous atmosphere and liquids that're still frozen absolutely solid.
--LAN3 Fri Nov 12 13:32:43 2004
You don't have to download iTunes with Quicktime... A lot of my friends have complained about this recently, but I checked out the Apple site, and you actually have to work your way through a few links to get to http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/standalone/ which is the standalone version of Quicktime-- no iTunes attached.
--rosser Sat Nov 13 01:43:13 2004
You could always try installing Linux on the laptop, that should make it feel snappy (oh, and don't use KDE or Gnome---there are other widow managers that are much lighter on resource usage). My laptop is only a 260MHz and it's fine (except when I load up the occasional webpage with a Java Applet on it *cough cough* 8-)

--Sean "A Floridian who's glad he's not a Ohioan" Conner Sat Nov 13 04:20:19 2004
Yeah, Evil Bastard has complained about the java applets as well, saying they should be an external link or something. But...there's something where embedded applets get looked at, and links don't neccesarily get followed...sorry about that. To make it worse, I think Saturday's applet is even more processor happy than usual...

(PS can't your guys' browsers turn off java viewing?)
--Kirk Sat Nov 13 09:29:31 2004
Dell laptops get clogged because they start clogged with all that extra useless software, and because laptops are invariably short on memory because it lowers the price-tag. Plus Win2K gets old after a couple years and needs to be taken back to its roots; a disk format is worth it. Since you have other PCs, it's worth a few hours to back up drivers, files, keys, essential-app install files, and bookmarks, and erase the OS partition. Then reinstall the basic stuff like the AV and utilities like WinZip, and then just install stuff as you need it. You'll find you'll even have more disk space if you do that.
--LAN3 Sat Nov 13 15:22:58 2004
I probably could turn off java, but really, yours is the only site that has any java on it, and then not all the time. So it's a bit of laziness on my part (and right now I'm running Mozilla off a dual-Pentium 500MHz machine running Linux).

--Sean "Living the la vida Linux" Conner Sun Nov 14 01:05:46 2004
Java to the people!
--Kirk Sun Nov 14 16:48:51 2004

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