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This sounds all too familiar. If you ever find a solution that works for you, please let me know. I found a very effective means to get organized--following the recommendations of the book _Getting Things Done_--but it doesn't help with the procrastination thing.
--Max Thu Nov 18 07:45:04 2004
It could be that hypnosis doesn't work.
--Nick B Thu Nov 18 11:36:03 2004
I dunno, some people think it really does; of course "only works for some people" is a classic possible cover, so...
--Kirk Thu Nov 18 13:03:31 2004
I have been meaning to read that book...

(not really)
--LAN3 Thu Nov 18 13:12:55 2004
I was going to post yesterday, but it just didn't seem that important
----EB Fri Nov 19 07:45:06 2004
Kirk, have you ever noticed that your readers are a bunch of smart asses? ;-)
--Max Fri Nov 19 07:50:22 2004
Well, I really was planning on noticing that at some point.

--Kirk Fri Nov 19 07:56:08 2004
I think there is a thesis in there somewhere. Yes, you could get published on that subject.... in the right journal... Don't bother wasting your time on Nature, they just want to look at nucleotides and such..

----EB Fri Nov 19 08:09:28 2004
It's all about just kicking your own ass into action, but it's kind of hard to reach the ass with the front of your foot. . .so why try when you have the possibility of failing?
--Mr. Lex Fri Nov 19 10:51:57 2004
When I was a kid I'd briefly amuse myself with my ability to kick my own ass with my's not that much of a trick...
--Kirk Fri Nov 19 10:58:14 2004
Yeah, you were a little dork, weren't you?
--Max, still a dork, but bigger now Fri Nov 19 11:03:22 2004
Hey, I SAID "briefly".

Of course, I had to try it again now to see if I could still do it.
--Kirk Fri Nov 19 11:20:52 2004
--LAN3 Fri Nov 19 15:16:13 2004
My skills remain intact. I credit yoga.
--Kirk Fri Nov 19 15:42:42 2004
Earlier this year I made a list of the various personal projects I had started and had the intention of finishing. As I remembered other projects, I added them to the list. I also tried to give a current status & what the next step or current roadblock was. It ended up bing a rather long list (at least a dozen). But even doing that was a relief, because I had them written down. I could then focus on working on them in a more structured fashion and try not to add more to the list before clearing off one or two.

--ericball Fri Nov 19 16:28:15 2004
"Earlier this year I made a list of the various personal projects I had started and had the intention of finishing."

I read this sentence and at first all I could think of...he means learning to kick his own but with his heel?

I have a database I mean to use to keep track of porjects I do (mostly little techie things) but I haven't been updating it properly. Or much at all. 
--Kirk Fri Nov 19 16:41:56 2004

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