what is wrong with everyone nowadays?
what this cultural phenomenon seems to do, though, is completely diss anyone who is NOT a rock star, or doctor or CEO. it has removed the pride and dignity of honest necessary labor. everybody wants to be king nowadays...
--b Sat Nov 20 12:30:25 2004
Thomas Edison was a hick who barely knew math. He frustrated Tesla with his lack of scientific education. Yet he believed in himself so strongly, he stubbernly worked to invent and patented many inventions, from the lightbulb to movie cameras. 

Implicit in the Prince's quote is the basic English belief in class, your station in life qualifies you for your job. It's a completely different topic to say people think they can do jobs without putting work into doing it well. That's been going on throughout human history, may even be human nature. Also completely different is the idea that everyone can be educated. By the way, what does he care about qualified pop stars?
--E-Rain Peters Sat Nov 20 12:56:45 2004

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