chef of iron, jaw of glass
My favority word is anything that comes from my wife other than ... can you do something for me or why did you do that.

Actually my favorite word is Caden. The name of my son.
--Beau Mon Nov 22 15:41:39 2004
----Evil Bastard Mon Nov 22 18:21:43 2004
tertiary, tree, and finagle. 

ps I just learned today from NPR (yay!) that people from the African country of Ivory Coast are called Ivorians. Sounds real cool.
--Erin Peters Mon Nov 22 22:52:36 2004
finagle is good. it's the only thing i like about finagle a bagle. 
--FoSO Tue Nov 23 09:16:14 2004
--FoSO Tue Nov 23 09:16:54 2004
My favorite word is wheat. I try to make a point to use it in conversation at least once a day. Besides wheat, I'm a fan of ludicrous, chuckle, and raggamuffin.
--Candi Tue Nov 23 09:36:34 2004
cobalt, monkey, spackle and wasps. though only in that order and all together. (thanks to the bloodhound gang)

Aside from that grouping, there are so many, coruscate, gloaming, cantebridgian, vascillate, obtrude... oh the list could go on for so long. I'll probably post more later.
--John Sawers Tue Nov 23 11:58:43 2004
--facetious (it has all the vowels in alphabetical order.)
--awkward (two w's separated by a k... how awkward is that?)
--squabble (it just sounds funny... i mean, if you're having a squabble with someone, and you consciously think to yourself that you're having a "squabble", i think the humor in the word itself will be enough to resolve the argument.)
--other than those, i like all those great onomatopoetic words like "crunch" and "squish"
--therosser Tue Nov 23 13:57:40 2004
There are FAR too many to choose.

Vapid, sesquipedalian, anorak, quail, tabernacle, marmoset, panties, reprobate, trod, limpid, avid, nacreous, gruesome, ghastly, dubious, cower... and so on, and so on...
--Cordelia Wed Nov 24 13:03:04 2004
I can't believe that no one said "plethora"
--Meredith Wed Dec 1 16:44:32 2004

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