well, the average life of a 30 year mortgage is only 7 years, so ARMs do make sense for folks who have a 5 to 10 year game plan...
--FoSO Wed Nov 24 09:48:40 2004
Everyone's got a slippery-slope to sell. As for the last, where the writer claims to slip through a portal into the head of a cabinet member, well, hmm. Whenever I forget the reason I don't read Slate, you usually rescue me with a link within a day or two.
--LAN3 Wed Nov 24 13:53:10 2004
So there's no limit to how much we can borrow from the world and never pay back?
--Nick B Wed Nov 24 14:56:35 2004
This Robbert guy sounds like a kindred spirit to me. A phlegmatic temperment has its advantages, but has some disadvantages too (beyond the disgusting sounding name) that should be easy to spot, such as detachment and the fact that most people will see you as being boring. It also seems to make people that are prone to stress more stressed, because they aren't getting any play off their behaviors.
--Eric Wed Nov 24 15:25:30 2004
Ahhh...having the grace to not become upset about things you can't do anything about.
--xoxoxo Bruce Wed Nov 24 19:15:42 2004
Yeah, one thing I forgot to include in the ramble is can you so steady and calm without being apathetic? Does enthusiasm demand its opposite?
--Kirk Thu Nov 25 09:39:52 2004
Yes... and No.


Is it apathetic to not be materialistic? Obviously not.
--Wing and a prayer Fri Nov 26 02:59:06 2004
I don't think its not being materialistic, but more like what Bruce said, where you don't freak out about things you can't do anything about. I like my fancy cars and HDTV and computers and such, but they are just the result of money, which comes and goes, and I'll replace whatever I lose eventually. Lessons instead of regrets, preparation instead of hand-wringing, etc. And I also don't think apathy has anything to do with it. The fault would be more about not expressing that I care deeply about many things and people.
--Eric Fri Nov 26 12:17:43 2004
"Don't cry over spilt milk" is the classic phrase, though a small rant is often emotionally soothing.

--ericball Wed Dec 1 11:27:47 2004
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