sidebar ahoy
That explains where NPR gets all of its newscasters and DJs.
--Max Mon Nov 29 07:47:35 2004
What? Us occasional posters from parts elsewhere have no shot of getting invited to the sidebar? Not even from someone who's own blog is known as the Boston Diaries? Even though he doesn't live in Boston, nor does he care to live in Boston, nor does he even like Boston, but still, named his blog after Boston? 


--Sean "Not in Boston" Conner Tue Nov 30 00:42:18 2004
Here are the message board posters as of a few days ago...
Admittedly people who use the exact same username have a bit of an advantage of getting noticed. But send me an email and I'll see what I can do.
--Kirk Tue Nov 30 07:30:05 2004

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