see you in court!
Good luck in court. It seems that you have a reasonable argument. Bad signage is a legitimate complaint.
--Max Tue Nov 30 10:17:08 2004
Good luck with the court.

Regarding the insurance side of things, it will suck because you pretty much lose one credit point for six years, so if you don't get the citation thrown out, you're dealing with the problem for six years. Yech!
--Mr. Lex Tue Nov 30 19:26:36 2004
Here's an additional article that's a little less snide but says the same sorts of things:

Yeah, you read the URL right.
--LAN3 Wed Dec 1 18:47:00 2004
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--krtdcb abyeuoq Sun Jan 18 02:42:58 2009
, "I expected them to be more adeancvd in their thinking". Then, the Swiss government wanted to "advance in their thinking" (LOL!), and proceeded to legalize suicide even for teenagers who are bored with life.To be honest with you, I think it's past time rounding up these immigrant terrorists who don't like Canada, revoke their Canadian citizenship and throw them out of the country.Mr. Coumbias looks to me like a guy who is too chicken to commit suicide. I'll just bet that in fifteen years or more you'll find the Coumbiases in a nursing home, hoping nobody recognizes them.I know I've gotten off the track, Alex, but I think that whether it is suicide websites, or meetings and conferences being held, these people's agenda is to kill whoever they can recruit for customers.Their ideology is no different than an AK-47. They use their ideology and advertising as the weapon and ammunition.The military also has an elevated suicide and murder rate, and I think that is related to the mentality of the Right-to-Die movement.If the euthanasia terrorists had any concern for the people they claim to be helping, their hundreds of millions of dollars would be invested in lobbying the government to restructure government attitudes and spending on more resources.They don't care about anybody but their own hunger to kill part of the global population. The sources of their funding should be intercepted, and those hundreds of millions should be redirected for better healthcare, and more resources for Disabled People.As far as any further "debate"(?) on issues such as Euthanasia/Suicide, there never should have been such stupidity!I think that psychologists and psychiatrists who really do some homework, the ones who see through the scam of "Right-to-Die", could probably convince the courts that these advertiser of so much "compassion" are cold-blooded serial-killers.Maybe you guys can contact a few really decent psychiatrists and psychologists, and they could do a study on the key people in the Right-to-Die movement. They could go over the history, and interview Dereck Humphrey, Dr. Nietschke, Peter Singer, George Felos, Michael Schiavo, and Robert Latimer.The impression I have always had of those people is, that their real core interest is themselves. If so, it should not be hard to convince courts that the Right-to-Die movement has been a false front all these years.Thereby, laws should be passed world-wide banning any public meetings, banning any advertising in any form, and banning any promotion of their ideology on campuses, the media or the Internet.
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