burn baby burn
Richard Lederer's collections of malaprops, funny student paper quotes, ridiculous headlines, etc., are great. I must have read Anguished English, one of his earlier collections, a hundred times.
--Max Thu Dec 2 10:17:35 2004
They do get a little corny when you've seen them like a dozen times, but a few have a real poetry and grace. I'll likely be posting one other one tomorrow or so.
--Kirk Thu Dec 2 11:57:08 2004
Sidebar song- That's King Missle I think.
--Dave Thu Dec 2 19:37:34 2004
you're right, Dave.
--FoSO Fri Dec 3 09:27:17 2004
That martini is like the $1000 lobster-and-caviar omelet from a few months back. I recall reading that the menu said "[The owner] dares you to expense this." Truly, though, if anyone buys either, we can declare the economy healthy.
--LAN3 Fri Dec 3 17:36:08 2004

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