what can the browns do for you?
Too bad I am a Cleveland fan through & through!! Go Brownies go!! Our motto ... there is always next year.
--Beau Sun Dec 5 18:09:23 2004
I was going to add that the Browns are at the head of the second tier of teams I root for now...Pats first, then Browns, then...I dunno, Packers because my grandfather liked 'em, Vikings 'cause a guy from my high school played there, Bengals because of the Ohio thing. Plus I like their helmets.

The rebooted Browns definately haven't had an easy time of it. They had one guy on the radio here, I only caught the end of the interview but I think he wrote a book about how the NFL just didn't really want the new Browns to succeed. But some seriously hardcore fans in Cleveland, no team looks forward to dealing witht the "Dawg Pound".
--Kirk Mon Dec 6 09:12:01 2004

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