nice and crisp
I fguerid this would be the most likely place to ask this where you would actually see it.Why did you remove your "Down With Meekakitty" video on YouTube? It was so funny!
--Binod Mon Feb 13 11:09:15 2012
on the old photoshop, the amegis were not anti-aliased immediately. therfore, they needed to make it anti-alias via a simple click on the menu. on macs, however, this was never necessary since the mac anti aliased everything on the spot like with the zoom feature, you may switch between non-anti-aliased and anti-aliased. this way, people who have problems seeing, can access their computer without having to wear glasses and strain there necks.on a pc, however, this WAS a necessary step.
--Miriam Sat Apr 7 03:09:08 2012

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