o how size matters
So, how do you find gaming on the big screen?
--Max Mon Dec 13 10:41:01 2004
It's great. I was playing the new Grand Theft Auto, and it was so big an expansive...and multiplayer gaming, where it splits the screen into 4 windows, was the excuse for my 36" TV as well as this setup, and now it's fantastic...each player's view is like the size of a decent-sized TV.
--Kirk Mon Dec 13 10:51:04 2004
Oh, one drawback is this setup doesn't work well with many novelty games...like Dance Dance Revolution, you'd be blocking the picture, and I don't think light guns work, and with Eye Toy the wires are in all the wrong places...
--Kirk Mon Dec 13 10:51:57 2004
Yeah, I guess front projection does have its downsides, especially when the projector is resting on a stand, rather than hanging from the ceiling.

Pretty cool, though. How does it work for older games with low res graphics? I'd think something like Gran Turismo on an original Playstation would look pretty junky.
--Max Mon Dec 13 10:54:54 2004
I haven't tried to much really older stuff yet, though I'm interested to see how N64 3D works on it. We have played "Pokemon Puzzle League" which is old school 2D, and it look decent.

I suppose next I definately need to give JoustPong a whirl :-)
--Kirk Mon Dec 13 11:30:20 2004
Butch, I was looking at the same exact item at Costco (for the new house). I guess based on your review it is must buy.
--Beau Mon Dec 13 12:08:17 2004
Beau, given Kirk's minor complaints about the screen, you might consider buying the projector and screen separately. I've heard pretty good things about the InFocus X1a and X1 projectors, both of which are less than $1000. Don't know much about screens, but from what Kirk discovered, it sounds like a 4:3 is better than a 16:9, unless you tend to watch mostly widescreen movies.
--Max Mon Dec 13 12:18:27 2004
Actually, now that I think about it, I'm not sure if it was the InFocus X1 or the Epson S1+ that I heard good things about. The latter is on sale at MicroCenter for $950 with a $100 gift card thrown in.
--Max Mon Dec 13 12:48:12 2004
One thing to look at is if you want DLP or not...I have to admit it does make those little rainbows at high contrast borders when you move your eyes around.
--Kirk Mon Dec 13 13:46:50 2004
If I were still single Guy, and the TV were not also Furniture (damn the best value, damn the practicality, full speed ahead), this would DEFINITELY be the way to go. I have experience with InFocus' products and have found them to be very reliable. On top of that, at goosystems.com you can acquire the coatings to make your own theater-quality BIG screen... hm... this really is a great idea. Now I just have to pay off my big screen... heh
--kevin urenda Mon Dec 13 14:43:57 2004
What is the lamp life on that puppy? What do the replacement lamps run?
--Shasta Tue Dec 14 14:54:35 2004
3,000 hours. Not sure of the cost of the bulb, probably a couple hundred. 

Though you know...I don't watch THAT much tv or play that many games or watch that many movies...I'm sure the hours will add up faster than I realize, but still, I might want a better and/or cheaper unit by the time the light goes out.
--Kirk Tue Dec 14 17:04:37 2004

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