that's dedication
I read mortality for skeptics a lot. I'm 23, and the thought of death, and the thought of ceasing to exist, troubled me almost to the point of mental collapse. But now I realize that between us and dogs, we got the better deal. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, as it's helped me come to grips and love the short time I have on this earth.
--Joseph Novak Tue Dec 14 23:42:38 2004
Thanks for the Mil Millington link. I spent 2 hours in absolute stitches. Yay!
--Wing and a prayer Wed Dec 15 04:57:27 2004
Don't write on your hand...that'll give you blood poisoning. And it will go on your permanent record.
--Harry Wed Dec 15 07:39:53 2004
Joseph: Glad it helped.
Wing: Glad you liked it.
Harry: Seriously?
--Kirk Wed Dec 15 10:01:43 2004

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