hair today gone tomorrow
I lend credence to the "it's too hot" thing. Might be because I live in Arizona. Remember how hot the climate is in most of Africa.

Remember that guy on Survivor who fainted and fell into the fire? I noticed at the time that he was the baldest, and the only bald one not wearing a hat. That forehead makes like a big solar panel.
--Nick B Wed Dec 15 15:31:57 2004
I actually read the article, and misread "it's too hot" as a reason we kept head hair, as opposed to the reason we lost body hair.
--Nick B Wed Dec 15 15:42:48 2004
Actually you were more right the first time; the article said maybe we lost body hair to swim, but kept headhair so we'd be cooler other times, like treading water I suppose...

I'm amazed at how long men have been shaving. Seriously, I use the latest shaving technology and can still get burn and bumps if I don't watch what I'm doing. I can't imagine hacking at it with primitive tools...
--Kirk Wed Dec 15 16:47:31 2004
I think we may not have been as concerned with getting a super-close shave, as we are today.
--Nick B Wed Dec 15 17:33:33 2004

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