short people
Try "I used up all my resources and I don't have any left"? Sound familiar?
--yelas Sat Dec 18 19:06:59 2004
“I'm all tapped out?”

--Sean Conner Sat Dec 18 19:24:32 2004
Exhausted options
--xoxoxo Bruce Sat Dec 18 21:18:52 2004
None of those have the visceral sense of "exhaustion" present in the original phrase...maybe the shock value is what makes it work, I dunno.
--Kirk Sat Dec 18 23:15:49 2004
PS, YELAS, you were one of the ones supposed to skip down to the picture of the doggie...
--Kirk Sat Dec 18 23:16:06 2004
Meaning? Squeam or Prude? Just curious.

--YELAS Sat Dec 18 23:31:58 2004
"And I'm spent." Give it a touch of bad Austin Powers voice if you're truly desperate to evoke ejaculation.
--Nick B Sun Dec 19 01:51:28 2004

Not a bad idea, Nick, just have to rearrange how the sentence is presented.
--Kirk Sun Dec 19 13:29:00 2004
i love that yelas (and, presumably, yelm) did not indeed skip to the nice doggy but instead read about your need to liken spending a lot of money (and time and ideas) to ejaculation. kirk, a new high. but i'm laughing, so you get a free pass on this one. does ksenia read this stuff?
--FoSO Sun Dec 19 17:12:42 2004
Hmmmm. . .the entry felt like a huge build up with something unexciting happening at the end. Kinda like shooting the load after such a big buildup. What a great ironic literary technique, Kirk. Awesome.
--Mr. Lex Mon Dec 20 10:40:24 2004

Mr. Lex is on target, seems to me.
--kluless Mon Dec 20 14:55:31 2004

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