Makes more sense if you call them the "2-11 Dolphins" :P
--Eric Tue Dec 21 12:11:56 2004
(Jeez, FoSO is right, sidebar deserves its own comment section)
Very sorry to hear about your family's loss...give my sympathy (and in some ways, empathy) to them all, but especially your dad...
--Kirk Tue Dec 21 14:12:47 2004
Re: image of the moment (floating logos)  "The ships hung in the sky in much the same way that bricks don't." Douglas Adams

--Fenton Tue Dec 21 19:21:56 2004
Butch ... thanks for the thouhts. Ditto the idea about a comment section on the sidebar. 

I really do like the new format of the sidebar.
--Beau Tue Dec 21 21:51:46 2004

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