acid reflex disease
Congrats E.B.
Relax and enjoy the holidays now.

--yelas Wed Dec 22 11:44:40 2004
so what's the gig, e.b.?
--FoSO Wed Dec 22 13:38:03 2004
Good going, EB. And to you Kirk, yeah, I know what you mean on the lack of time thing. It sucks becoming an adult.
--Mr. Lex Wed Dec 22 17:07:23 2004
I am in the middle of that snow ... just got in from snowblowing the drive. Only about 6 or 7" thus far!
--Beau Wed Dec 22 19:39:23 2004
ok ... just got back in from the driveway again ... only another 5 to 6" ... this sucks!
--Beau Thu Dec 23 00:38:13 2004
Well, just in case EB doesn't come back here...he's going to be getting into Oracle DB stuff. It's a bit of lateral move, but the new company seems to be willing to provide training, and I think longterm Oracle can be pretty frickin' lucrative. Also I think it's like a real company, not another dot-comish gamble for him.
--Kirk Thu Dec 23 10:02:18 2004

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