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In Phoenix, Alice Cooper has a show on the local rock station, KDKB. And every commercial break contains a car dealership commercial featuring, well, Alice Cooper's "Under My Wheels". And these commercials begin with this really long bendy guitar note/feedback thing with the Fine Print Guy babbling over it. That's my cue to turn off the radio, because I'm not in the market for either a new car, or jewelry.
--Nick B Thu Dec 23 13:13:00 2004
I think our tech and will are up to a massive engineering project. And I think that the Republicans would be far happier to sign on to a big project like this (imagine all the profits for contractors like Halliburton!) than to "hurt business" by regulating emissions.
--Max Thu Dec 23 13:38:04 2004
BTW, Kirk, have you ever thought about having separate entries for each "of the moment" heading instead of for each day? I can see a bunch of downsides, but on the upside, it would make these comments seem more relevant to a particular post. (It would also make it easier to create an RSS feed, though the more I think about it, the more I think that would hurt the community aspect of this blog.)
--Max Thu Dec 23 13:39:39 2004
Global warming is a very real, scary event. My senior year in highschool, my friend Carrie and I did Global Warming as our science fair project. Our project covered almost everything, but we focused on two main things: carbon dioxide and methane.

During the fair, nobody would stop by our project. They would just make fun of it as they walked by (well except the one guy who criticised everything on our display board, and seemed surprised that I knew the answer to his question on how cement making contributes to global warming). And I just thought to myself "you can laugh now, but just you wait, Mother Nature will have the last laugh."
--Candi Fri Dec 24 09:47:42 2004
Gee, why would proble avoid a "we're all gonna die and there's nothing you can do to stop it" project?

--Nick B Fri Dec 24 14:03:12 2004

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