and a happy new year
Merry Christmas to you too Capt. Kirk!

--B.K. Sat Dec 25 10:35:23 2004
--Candi Sat Dec 25 16:30:54 2004
Merry Christmas!
--Mr. Lex Sun Dec 26 12:37:42 2004
Happy New Year, Mister Israel
--kevin Mon Dec 27 23:23:40 2004
I thank you humbly for srhanig your wisdom JJWY
--Estella Mon Jun 20 02:43:12 2011
Jen you are definitely worth the wait! I still get great cteomnms about our wedding photos as well as my maternity and Rylee's newborn photos. I know how busy you are and that's why I am happy to wait till you can accommodate a studio shoot for us as I can't imagine having anyone else photograph my family! You've just been there for too many big events in our life. You are more than a photographer. Natalie
--Altrove Fri Apr 6 14:51:09 2012
Dec31  Hi Tammy ..Happy New Year's! Thank YOU for the help at my blog; I do suspect I'll be elmaiing you again this year for more help (already have issues since the WP 2.7 upgrade).Do have fun tonight and be safe!May 2009 bring lots of good fortune you way!:o)Paotie
--Romina Sun Apr 8 23:12:14 2012

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