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Yeah, even though I'm supposed to know better, I keep thinking of the Tsunami as a tidal wave, when in fact it's more like a storm surge that comes with a hurricane, where the ocean water is thrown farther and farther on shore from a tremendous inertia. The tsunami surge eventually does retreat on its own, rather than being held in place for a day by the pressure of the giant storm. In fact, some of the video I saw from Norwegian tourist in Phuket, Thailand (that's "poo-ket") indicated that they had a minor surge that preceded the massive tsunami, and that lots of people thought it was no big deal. (In that same video, the water appears to rise about 10 feet in about 2 minutes.)
--LAN3 Thu Dec 30 11:31:25 2004
Also, here's a Tsunami to be looking forward to:

"Florida and the Caribbean, the final destinations in the North Atlantic to be affected by the tsunami, will have to brace themselves for receiving 50 meter high waves -- higher than Nelson's column in London -- some 8 to 9 hours after the landslide."

Yes, 50 meters is the tsunami at its weakest.
--LAN3 Thu Dec 30 13:04:50 2004
snarkiness of the moment:

kirk, it's "they're," rather than "their," in your linkback of the moment.
--FoSO Thu Dec 30 13:48:24 2004
I'm too lazy to research this but can anyone find out for me if Nostredamus predicted this tsunami and this ridiculous amout of fatalities? I'll keep checking kirk's site. Thanks.
--James Fri Dec 31 09:43:39 2004

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