I could have something to say, but I generally have my attention focused more on other projects. Sorry!

Besides, I really don't have too much of an exciting life or anything.
--Mr. Lex Tue Jan 4 12:11:28 2005
You took a good stab at your own blog (or as you always say, "BLOG") -- I was hoping to tap into just a bit of that, but without the pressure of you doing it regularly...
--Kirk Tue Jan 4 13:06:13 2005
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--vmartco izyrdx Sun Jan 18 00:12:01 2009
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--icljdkzsb omzls Sun Jan 18 02:02:17 2009
TYVM you've solved all my prombles
--Eloise Sun Apr 24 02:05:45 2011
It's like you're on a msisoin to save me time and money!
--Quiana Sun Nov 27 04:50:56 2011
HPeKg9 Yeah !... life is like riding a bicycle. You will not fall unless you stop pedaling!!....
--oem software Sun Feb 12 13:16:53 2012

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