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Run Lola Run has been one of my favorite movies for years! I first watched it when I was in high school, so I could do a report on it for German class. I had been sick the week or so before the presentation and thought it only had to be two minutes. Imagine my surprise when Frau Skudra stared at me when I was done and was like "that's it?!" (But I think she said it in German) So I continued on, stumbling over my pitiful German to get three more minutes. I forgot the word for dead (tot) so instead I used not living (nicht leben)...

At least Frau Skudra didn't hit me that day!
--Candi Wed Jan 5 10:46:54 2005
One somewhat gripe on your DVD listing: Listing the edition watched (especially when it comes to LOTR), even though it kind of annoys me how they keep coming out with more and more editions of the same movie or TV show just because they've found one deleted scene or one shot from the backstage or something. Can you say trying to bleed to consumers dry? Then there's Bladerunner with how many editions?
--Mr. Lex Wed Jan 5 11:38:26 2005
Err, are you saying I *should* list the edition watched? For most of 'em it didn't matter that much. LotR has a ton to keep the fanboys happy, and because they shot so much, and Bladerunner has that whole weird thing where the director really had some changes he disliked forced on him. 

I don't recall how many if any of the DVDs were watched w/ commentary on, which is definately a different viewing experience.
--Kirk Wed Jan 5 12:04:13 2005
It's just a pet peeve, but yeah, it's like nowadays these movies have all these directors cuts and extended versions, they probably should be listed as the version.

I do think it's kind of lame, nonetheless, how they do come out with so many "extra" versions.
--Mr. Lex Thu Jan 6 07:44:29 2005
Actually I don't think there are THAT many variations out there, not that many films really, mostly cult classics. But the ones that do it heavily are a bit annoying.
--Kirk Thu Jan 6 09:14:55 2005

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