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I heard an NPR report on different religions responding to the question of why God would allow the Tsuenami and so much death and suffering. One man said he reasoned that God doesn't micromanage the universe and thus is not to blame. It was the only way he could reconcile a just and good creator with the random tragedy. Of course the Southern Baptist in the Midwest reasoned it was a lesson to all people to stop sinning and live right because you could die at any time. And there was one typical voice assuming that people needed to be punished for some reason, so God just wiped them all out...but what about all the children killed? What did a 3 year old do to deserve death? The Sri Lankans seem to be coping the best with it, being a mixture of Hiniduism and Buddhism. I'm sure you could find it on NPR.org in the archives.
--ErinMaru Thu Jan 13 11:57:20 2005

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