the smile is very important in America and is used in greeting both friends and strangers
My right thumb even has to be on top when I am holding hands with another -- the left is ALL about submission. But, Righty, likes to make everyone her Bitch.
--Rhetoric Sun Jan 23 13:00:59 2005
I'm right handed and my left thumb ends up on top.
--Mr. Lex Sun Jan 23 21:48:32 2005
I'm a lefty, and my right thumb ends up on top.

--Sean Conner Mon Jan 24 01:49:00 2005
Does the common practice of using your father's last name not qualify as "patronymics"?

I'm a lefty and clasping my hands with my right thumb on top is just downright creepy. It feels like I'm holding someone else's hand.

I book I read a while back said that people don't always write with their dominant hand. If someone is curling their hand around (much more common in lefties) that means they are using the "wrong" hand. I only know one person who curls (his left hand), and he does everything else right-handed.
--Eric Mon Jan 24 09:32:33 2005
you have wee cooking as a meditation. if it feels like work, you're doing it wrong.
--FoSO Mon Jan 24 10:25:13 2005
Eric: is the best Patronymic explanation I found. It seems like the Russian way is more like calling Fred, the son of John, "Fred Johnson", and I think it's seperate from family name.
--Kirk Mon Jan 24 19:01:11 2005
when clasping hands the thumb that ends up on top is reportedly indicative of which side of your brain is dominant... 
--aparajita Tue Jan 25 15:45:34 2005
I thought that what "hand" you were also was indicative of which side of the brain is dominant...
--Kirk Tue Jan 25 16:52:13 2005

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