the new corduroy pillows -- they're making headlines!
BELICHOKE heh heh heh
They're saving that for the "Big Game"
--Philadelphia Wed Jan 26 13:54:46 2005
We'll see. Though usually it's a quarterback who is liable to make headline-worthy mistakes. Coaching problems are more subtle.

I'm a Pats fan, but if it doesn't roll their way maybe I'll use the fact I was born in Philly to jump on their bandwagon for a bit. Or, not.
--Kirk Wed Jan 26 14:07:31 2005
Being a Cleveland fan at least you've got something good to talk about!
--Beau Wed Jan 26 14:41:20 2005
Yeah...sorry Belichick wasn't as good for Cleveland as he has been for New England.

Isn't there a conspiracy theory that the owners really don't want the Browns to prosper? I guess because the city fought so hard to keep the name and the stats history rather than letting it become "the Baltimore Browns".
I talked a bit about that last December, , including what Baltimore might had, the "Bombers". and Brownie the Elf.
--Kirk Wed Jan 26 14:44:47 2005
I've heard all sorts of theories, I think in the end we just have too many injuries and get the short end of the stick. What can I say ... they're still my team!!
--Beau Wed Jan 26 15:30:41 2005
I've moved around a lot, but I've always found it good to gradually adjust loyalties to my "current" home team. I think rooting for the home team is good karma. Actually I have tiers of loyalty, so that I'm most loyal to my current hometeam but still have hopes for my old favorites (Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Buffalo Bills, though that gets a little strained) and against the old rivals (Steelers...which worked out quite nicely lately)

I'm a bit of a fair-weather fan to be honest, so if the Indians started kicking butt and taking names while the Red Sox were stumbling, I'd be thinking good thoughts for good ol' mildly offensive Chief Wahoo
--Kirk Wed Jan 26 18:45:26 2005

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