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I do sort of wonder how the Iraq elections REALLY went. I mean, other than the several dozen people killed. Several articles said things like, "Despite widespread reports of voting irregularities and corruption..." but then went on to talk about how great the election went. Did it really go well, or was it a complete farce? Hard to say...
--Max Mon Jan 31 16:44:59 2005

-- Mon Jan 31 21:59:36 2005
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--wdth webavqgt Sun Jan 18 02:45:20 2009
Hey Jan and company! Thank you for arginrang such a great board meeting in Hot Springs. The weather was perfect and the Anderson Lakehouse was nice. I want to remind everyone that soon I will be sending out our annual wish list from our ECIO family member, Marlene Stout from Pine Ridge. She is the school Librarian this year and has requested books, games and DVDs. She is also requesting books (grades K-8th) to teach and celebrate Black History Month. If anyone knows of a resource please contact me at . Thanks Jan!  Penny
--Olatunji Thu Apr 4 07:28:00 2013

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