all-temperature cheerleading
If you keep track of records such as "worst run-on sentence" I think you might have a contender there.
--Eric Tue Feb 1 12:15:59 2005
Laptops need beverage too. 
--Beau Tue Feb 1 13:04:33 2005
Heheheh. Yeah, I noticed a tendency for longish sentences in my writing lately. I try to strucutre them so they're still readable, however.

I also like how I follow the monstrosity with a little baby fragment "Next to the beer".
--Kirk Tue Feb 1 13:10:13 2005
Not sure why Cardinals is a popular team name, but the NFL certainly demonstrates that the Cardinals are, indeed, "pretty wussy" compared to the Eagles, Ravens, etc. :)
--Max Tue Feb 1 14:30:49 2005
C'mon, Kirk. Haven't you known Evil Bastard long enough to know that being in the same room with him and beer is a bad idea? ;-)
--Max Tue Feb 1 16:32:51 2005
Nah, I can't pin this one on him, except for having such tasty Magic Hat "Heart of Darkness" stout on hand.

I do feel a bit like some kind of alky when this stuff happens, even though the beer had very little to do with my clumsiness.
--Kirk Tue Feb 1 17:03:47 2005
I've never tried it, but heard that you should be able to clean your keyboard by washing thoroughly with de-ionised water then letting it dry completely. I guess I'd remove the battery first, but the de-ionised water should leave no deposits and does not conduct electricity very well.
--/\/ick Wed Feb 2 03:28:39 2005

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