mmmm, delicous beer-scented computing...
You should be really sure about "dry completely," but I agree with Nick. The trick with keyboards is that there're lots of small crevices where water can stick with capillary action and resist the sweet call of evaporation, longer than you might think, and you want to shove it in a warm dry room, assuming you have one these days, or maybe on a rotisserie over your radiator, heh. Fortunately for you, it's not your only PC, so you won't be jonesing for internet connectivity while your laptop's out to dry.
--LAN3 Wed Feb 2 13:32:47 2005
So, like, dunk it in warm de-ionized water? Or something more invasive?
--Kirk Wed Feb 2 13:41:17 2005
MicroCenter will probably clean it for you, though they'll probably charge you $100. Since there is not too much sugar in beer a dunk should do it. if it were (non-diet) pepsi, you'd be much more screwed. I'd give it a week above the radiator to dry out too.
--John S. Wed Feb 2 16:26:52 2005
You could gently(!) scrub at any obvious stains on your PCBs or keyboard elements-- use a toothbrush or the like, not a rag. Don't be dipping the whole laptop, just the keyboard parts that you can hopefully remove.
--LAN3 Thu Feb 3 20:46:11 2005

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