atlas shrugged. and scratched himself
Totally unrelated to today's topic, but anyone want to try the World's smallest game of Pac-Man (TM)?

Have fun if you are running 1600x1200!
--/\/ick Fri Feb 4 16:15:55 2005
Kirk, are you the Kirk I know? If so, I met you in NY in 93, I was visiting w Manel, the brother of your host brother Marcos, and we stayed w your Mum for a few days. The three of us went up on the roof of the SA building to see the city at night and you played for us. There can't be that many Kirks w a mother named Betty Israel. I've been trying to track down you Mum for years (thank God for Google) bcs she was so sweet, she gave me Emily Dickinson's book and I never did write to her. If this is you, I can be found over at or drop me a line at I hope both of you are well.
--Johnny from P. Sun Feb 6 09:05:27 2005
Sorry, despite the name I'm a girl, you knew me as *shudder* Paula, never mind, long story.
--Johnny from P. Sun Feb 6 09:06:01 2005
IJWTS wow! Why can't I think of thigns like that?
--Kaylee Wed Apr 27 01:26:07 2011
I've been looknig for a post like this for an age
--Omofoma Sun Jan 6 10:01:53 2013

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