adam and billy, bibliophiles
Yep, got it.
--Max Fri Feb 11 12:43:38 2005
I got the theory down but not the actual number for some reason. . .?
--Mr. Lex Fri Feb 11 12:49:11 2005
I got it in half a minute, though I'm not totally certain I haven't heard it before.
--LAN3 Fri Feb 11 14:04:40 2005
Yup ... took a little time to think about it though.
--Beau Fri Feb 11 14:44:00 2005
I mean, I figured out the theory quickly enough but not the rough data for some reason. . ..
--Mr. Lex Fri Feb 11 15:25:23 2005
It's cute, but doesn't tease the brain all that much.
--CJ Fri Feb 11 15:48:34 2005
Got it before I was done reading it. 

Also, you said "Koch. Grabbed". heh heh.
--Eric Fri Feb 11 15:59:24 2005
I think a lot depends on how it's presented and how you're listening to it. Once I got mired in "A + 41 = P" and "B + 1 = P" and "A + B < P" and equations derived from that, it was very hard to regress from "B + 1 = P" to "the dude just needs one more cent to buy can he not have enough money once A chips in?" which leads to the quick answer.
--Kirk Fri Feb 11 17:35:10 2005
I am completely lame at this sort of thing and instantly went for the answer. And didn't, and wouldn't have, got it.
I have neither the lateral thinking ability nor the patience for such an endeavour, although your explanation makes sense in a hazy kind of way. :-)
--Catherine Fri Feb 11 20:59:55 2005
Adam has P-41, Billy has P-1
Combined, 2P - 42 < P
Therefore P < 42
Adam can't have negative money.
Therefore P >= 41
Only P = 41 satisfies both inequalities.

--CJ Fri Feb 11 21:56:47 2005
Well! I did not get it, but then I didn't even feel inclined to think about it. I remember reading CJ is a maths major (?) and have been trying to select a missing minor study for my own uni course... guess I'll stick with economics, despite how attractive maths sounded to me, I guess I don't think I have the patience for it now.
--Wing and a prayer Sat Feb 12 11:38:53 2005

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