run my little smurflings!
I actually watched the Smurfs for the first time in years the other day! I was up early one morning and it shows on the Plattsburgh/Montreal Fox station at 8am. It was the first episode with Smurfette. Garamel made her to lure the smurfs away from the village so he could eat them or what have you. Smurfette had black hair and was evil. When she arrived in the village, nobody liked her. At one point she ended up opening a dam and flooding the village. While doing so, she almost drowned, but the smurfs saved her! She got emotional and wanted to be a real smurf.

So Papa Smurf took her into his mushroom-hut and did some spell, where she emerged with blonde hair. AND THEN ALL THE SMURFS LOVED HER. I was pissed. Her hair color changed then all the smurfs loved her. She even ended up getting them captured by Gargamel at the end, granted she did save them, but still.

Thus concludes my smurf story.
--Candi Fri Feb 18 11:23:37 2005
It wasn't the change in hair color that changed their minds. It was just that they thought she was a poser acting all goth when really she was a girly-girl. When she started being herself, they accepted her. :)
--Max Fri Feb 18 13:34:54 2005
But when Gargamel made her, he included the sugar and spice.

All it takes to make a Smurfette is magical blue clay, sugar, spice, and some spell.
--Candi Fri Feb 18 15:08:03 2005
Heh :-)
Particularly like the line about dancing.
/me has never danced like a backwards and forwards stomping fool, oh no!
--Catherine Mon Feb 21 19:20:31 2005
Its like molly ringwald on the breakfast club.. Bloody smurfette.
--Kae Wed May 17 14:11:30 2006
I watched the Smurfs for years with my kids who were young durnig those days! Loved them the Smurfs AND my kids!OK, I'm definitely a Handy Smurf trying hard to be a Smurfette and Papa Smurf !Actually, I just officially launched my first blog on July 7th; but I've been studying a lot and learning a lot!I know I'm a Handy Smurf because I blew up my blog TWICE trying to add the latest and greatest stuff! But, in putting it back together TWICE, I've learned a lot and am passing that knowledge on to other new bloggers in my little network. Hey, I even put some code in my blog HTML the other day and got it right the first time! (I also learned to save my template just in case )Love your stuff I'm learning how to trackback and linkback as soon as I teach myself, I'll do it!!Thanks!
--Sunni Fri Jul 13 13:43:47 2012

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