ring around yo mama
Get your landlord to clean and, if appropriate, replace the lint-filled flexible duct that connects the dryer to the wall-socket for ventilation. It's most likely clogged badly.

Or, do it yourself and tell no one; until people discover it works, you'll have the now-more-desireable dryer to yourself.
--LAN3 Mon Feb 21 15:50:06 2005
Oh, and the thing should be metal that flexes and extends like a bendy-straw. If it's plastic or foil-like material, it's a firehazard. In my state, it's illegal to use the plastic kind with new installs.
--LAN3 Mon Feb 21 15:53:01 2005
we don't use ours because no matter what position the knob is in the setting is "RUN FOR TWO HOURS WITH NO APPRECIABLE DIFFERENCE IN MOISTURE AT THE END"
--john s. Tue Feb 22 22:58:29 2005

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