an ice guy
If you try it, I want to see pictures.
--Candi Tue Feb 22 11:38:36 2005
Carrie tried it once and evidently did pretty well. She thought it was fun, though rough on the knees. She also said it was the only time she'd ever been told she was a natural at any sport.
--Max Tue Feb 22 14:13:17 2005
Yeah? Was that around here?
--Kirk Tue Feb 22 14:26:54 2005
To tell you the truth, I don't know exactly where it was -- somewhere around Natick, I think. I went with the Harvard Canadian Club while I was in grad school. But I found a link online to a list of curling clubs in the area: It was a lot of fun -- you should give it a try!
--Carrie Tue Feb 22 19:38:34 2005

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