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MoSO and i used the same gibran passage for our ceremony, altering it to reverse the meaning. it worked well, and i think those who recognized it appreciated what we'd done.

kirk, it sounds like you need a vacation - time to unwind and then do things you've been wanting to but putting off.

--FoSO Wed Feb 23 09:49:07 2005
Is "Duran Duran" mentioned by name anywhere on DDRMAX? The info page refers to "a British pop band" with the indefinite article.
--Nick Bensema Wed Feb 23 11:47:50 2005
I don't think they are, I'm not sure if the lawyers were somehow worried about namedropping or what.
--Kirk Wed Feb 23 12:15:39 2005
You must ask yourself if time management is the issue, or if it is the set goals you place before yourself. Imagine what your statement about time management and goals would be like if you'd had a child with Mo...
--David Thu Feb 24 09:37:55 2005
Gah!!!! Children!!!! Scary!!!!! =D
--Mr. Lex Thu Feb 24 10:52:07 2005
David, very good point.

Mo and I were curiously unsure about having kids. I'm not sure how much of that was wanting to maintain our lifestyle and how much was a neurosis about how scary the world seems like it will be for the next century or so.

I've been told that having a kid is this cosmic, paradigm-shifting viewpoint-change that you kind of can't "get" 'til it happens to you. So I guess I was kind of banking on that, and that helping me accept that I would be giving up a lot of the projects that, frankly, I currently think make me an interesting person and kind of define my sense of self. 

But it was a huge risk that the paradigm shift for some reason wouldn't take, I think that's one small part of why Mo bailed. (Also she was worried I'd be too much a potential kid's "buddy" rather than a "father" leaving her to be the "bad guy" when it came to tough parenting things. I don't think that was a fair prediction, though, I would tend towards a very "try to explain things to the kid logically" kind of parenting.)
--Kirk Thu Feb 24 11:47:31 2005
Kids scary. Want to have self figured out and have at home business or not feel as if I must work/study during off hours, so I can spend time with the kids.

Planning for kids came up last Sunday. I ended up staying up all night in a ball of stress.

Gah!!!! Kids!!!!! =D

Even though I don't know the paradigm, I still fear it.
--Mr. Lex Thu Feb 24 14:21:26 2005

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