the projects
Shades of "Rain Man." Did you mean to say he's autistic, or are artists so dysfunctional these days that it's worth noting how functional they are?
--LAN3 Sat Feb 26 16:30:36 2005
I guess mothers have been going crazy lately because they want to both fulfill their personal projects of having a professional life and such while also fulfilling the role of homemaker and bringing up the perfect mother. There's a few books out there about the subject. My girlfriend got a couple of them. . .one of them first introduced to us by NPR.

So I guess one of the problems with today's society is that feminism has opened the gates to personal fulfillment and realization for women but hasn't provided an outlet for the biological urge to reproduce and bring up healthy children.

Damn fascist feminists!

But then again, the abstinence conservative will argue that God has provided the roles of gender and that the traditional family is there to tame the man. I can tame myself, darnit!

Damn fascist conservatives!

Guess I'll just have to figure out my own path. . ..
--Mr. Lex Sat Feb 26 18:20:44 2005
Dang Jesse...that's a HUUGE sidebar.

Reminds me of the scene in A River Runs Through It where the dad forces the son to rewrite a piece like 4 or 5 times, saying "make it shorter" or something like that each time...I keep meaning to try that exercise, especially for some of my rambling sentences.
--Kirk Sat Feb 26 19:59:02 2005
I think that's the longest sidebar I've seen here!
--Candi Sun Feb 27 10:24:07 2005

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