scion, scioff
I have the exact same car (even color) and am still in love with it as well. I actually don't mind commuting since the base sound system is so nice and it's really pretty comfortable. A really good all around car that doesn't look too utilitarian or too stylish for it's own good.
--Dan Wed Mar 2 20:10:26 2005
Sales      Great customer secivre, and a professional and caring sales staff; a formula for a great car-buying experience. Let's face it, car buying is a stressful and time-consuming task in itself. The staff at Independence showed no pressure sales techniques, no gimmicks and was very understanding of what my specifics needs were in a car. The level of professionalism shown by everyone; from the owner on down to the sales person was remarkable. This is indicative of a sound business.  Highly recommended.Kudos to all!!
--Sonu Mon Sep 16 19:53:34 2013

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